2021 is a big year for Glass Dyenamics.

Our glass has officially passed 50,000 cycles under ASTM accelerated environmental durability conditions. Which means the success of our technology is unprecedented. And it’s all due to the concerted efforts of the talented visionaries we’re lucky enough to call our own.

Clearly, the future of glass is here. And, as the COP26 global climate conference has made clear, it’s incumbent on all of us to continuously improve the lives of those around us.

In our case, that means creating a fundamentally new and advanced user experience with built environments. It also means making it possible for consumers to write their own chapter in the clean energy story.

By doing so, our glass will find itself in more and more windows and doors – following a trajectory similar to that of electric vehicles.

However, the future of glass depends on technical advances that create better value – because better value leads to increased demand.

Fortunately, though, value is what our glass is all about. Not only does it eliminate the need for window shade treatments, it offers consumers the same value proposition as rooftop solar – at a fraction of the upfront cost.

All of which makes one thing perfectly clear: This is the future of glass.