Frequently Asked Questions

  • Dynamic glass is glass that changes color from clear, semi-dark, and dark upon applying an electric charge.
    – It is controllable from a mobile phone app.
  • The glass offers customers a new and advanced user experience to control and change available light, views, and daytime privacy.
  • The glass is the most energy-efficient glass available in the residential market.
  • Our glass costs are similar to other popular front entryway glass products, such as frosted or patterned glass, and are specific for each installation.
  • Please call us for a quote.
  • Specifications follow standard window performance specifications with the addition of multiple visible transmission and solar heat gain values.
  • Specifications are designed to straddle the Energy Star program values providing customers with options for superior views and energy efficiency performance.
  • We will update the site soon with glass specifications in a number of configurations.
  • The glass’ superior energy efficiency profile is the result of the glass’ dynamic coloration.
  • At each tint level, the solar heat penetrating through the glass also varies.
  • For example, solar heat gain values can vary from 40% to 25% to 15% from the clear to the semi-dark or dark state, thus resulting in significant energy savings.