Smarter Homes and Cities

Have Cooler Glass

Smarter Homes

and Cities

Have Cooler Glass

Glass Dyenamics is developing and commercializing breakthrough smart glass technology. Our company’s smart glass combines the superior production-cost and color-control benefits of organic devices, with the durability, smart-building connectivity, comfort and energy savings benefits of inorganic devices.


A simplified three-layer glass system including a roll-to-roll electrolyte film and proprietary multi-colored, UV-stable dyes.

Designed and engineered for residential and commercial market mass adoption.

20 patents. World leading partners.

Control Your Aesthetics

Outside and inside. The only smart glass in the world with independent exterior reflected color and interior tint color customization.



Inside    |   Outside

Choose Your External Glass Color

Use any color glass to customize building external reflected colors.

Choose Your  Internal Glass Tint Color

With mixed dyes to customize internal transmitted tint colors.

Control Your Costs

Upfront and ongoing. The industry’s leading cost structure plus up to 20% building energy savings delivers a superior customer payback. The first window in the world to be sold with an energy savings guarantee.

Custom Looks.  Less Costs.  Zero Compromises.

Makes your design vision possible and affordable.

Any Color Exterior Glass

Curb aesthetics are important.

We allow for any color exterior glass without limiting an architect’s vision for internal light color.

Custom Interior Tints

Occupant comfort is king.

Our neutral or other custom interior tint colors provide glare control that’s easy on the eyes.

Significantly Reduced Costs

Breakthrough customer value proposition.

Our simplified products help to reduce production costs by up to 75% and reduce capital costs by up to 95%.

Energy Efficiency

Never Looked This Good.